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Keynote Speakers

Professor Alex Stojanovic

Professor Alex Stojanovic is Head of the Department of Accounting & Finance. He was formerly a founding member and Director of Research at Bradley Financial, a City of London-based equity research/financial consulting agency.

Prof Stojanovic graduated with a BA Economics with honours from Belgrade University, and an MBA Finance and a PhD Finance from Cass Business School, London. In addition to his extensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience, Prof Stojanovic has won praise as an executive education professional, most notably as a visiting Lecturer in Finance at the Cass Business School's Executive MBA programme.



Prof Stojanovic started his career in commercial banking with Komercijalna Banka Belgrade, and has considerable project management and consulting experience through his involvement in international banking projects, including work on International Payment Systems in association with the Bank of England and work on the Impact of the Euro on the UK Banking Industry in association with the Corporation of London.
Prof Stojanovic is also a Director of the Centre for Governance, Risk and Accountability which is active in the areas of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, risk management, behavioural finance and banking regulation.


Professor Petros Ieromonachou


Professor Petros Ieromonachou is the Head of Department for Systems Management and Strategy at the University of Greenwich Business School. He has written, managed and delivered various courses on transportation and logistics management.

He is a research active academic with wide ranging interests and experience ‐ transportation policy and management, energy and sustainable development, strategic niche analysis, urban studies and smart cities.

Previously, he worked at the Open University, and also served for several years as a visiting Research Fellow in the Design Group of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing & Technology.

Professor Ieromonachou established 'Connected Cities', a multi‐disciplinary research group which builds on a variety of theories and knowledge, including system dynamics, discrete choice analysis, neo‐institutional theory, strategic niche management, social network theory and decision analysis.

The mission of this group is to bring together different expertise to explore the expanding urban challenges and opportunities to improve quality of life, competitiveness and sustainability of cities. He extended his network by establishing an international research forum between the University of Greenwich and collaborative partner Universities in China, and through organising an annual research workshop on 'Smart Urban Policy Futures'


Program Co-chairs

Associate Professor Nguyen Trong Co, Academy of Finance (VN)

Mr Jon Sibson, University of Greenwich (UK)

Associated Journals

Journal of Finance & Accounting Research (AOF)

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