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CFO 2020 elimination round: Many innovations but still full of drama and attraction
Implementing scientific research tasks for students in the 2020-2021 school year assigned by the Director of the Academy to the Faculty of Corporate Finance; to create an intellectual, rewarding playground for students to demonstrate their knowledge and talent in the field of corporate finance, valuation and financial analysis; at the same time, promote the creativity of students and initially build the image of the career of students majoring in Corporate Finance in the future; The Faculty of Corporate Finance, in collaboration with the Inter-branch of the Youth Union of the Department, launched the contest of Chief Financial Officer - CFO2020. This is a familiar, prestigious and useful annual contest for students of the Academy of Finance in general and students of the Corporate Finance Faculty in particular for the past 14 consecutive years.

Based on the plan to hold the future CFO 2020 contest, on the evening of September 18, 2020, the preliminary round of CFO 2020 future CFO contest was officially held. Due to the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of the playing teams as well as the Organizing Committee, under the direction of the Dean of the Faculty of Corporate Finance and the Inter-branch of the Youth Union of the Corporate Finance Department successfully organized the elimination round of the CFO 2020 online via the Zoom platform.

The organizers are doing preparations before the opening time CFO 2020 qualifiers

Although this year's qualifier has an innovation in organizational form, the heat and thrill of the competition have not diminished. The organizers have prepared carefully both the content and the form to make the qualifier transparent and successful both in terms of expertise, technology and technique.

CFO preliminary round took place in the eagerness of the playing teams 

This year, the CFO2020 contest has attracted not only the participation of many students in the Academy of Finance, but also many students in the whole city of Hanoi, creating a great resonance, at the same time, has created opportunities to enhance knowledge, skills and careers broadly in corporate finance, valuation and financial analysis for future students.

MSc. Pham Minh Duc - Secretary of the Inter-branch of the Youth Union of the Corporate Finance Department opened and announced the competition rules

This year's CFO competition has more innovations than previous years, not only expanding in size, but also the appeal of questions and situations given for each round. Playing teams have participated with the spirit of inquisitive, wishing to bring the learned and researched knowledge applying in each specific case to confirm the intelligence and bravery of a CFO in the future . It can be said that the heat of the competition has not diminished but being increasingly advanced in terms of expertise, teams play more and more professionally and the judges also "has to be more brain- balanced " before the excellent performance of all students when participating in the competition.

In the first preliminary round, the teams has passed the "Professional Knowledge" test with multiple-choice questions in corporate finance and valuation including Vietnamese and English. Multiple-choice questions cover all basic and advanced knowledge of both corporate finance and asset valuation. In a relatively short time with a large number of questions, teams are forced to show acumen in their expertise as well as a harmonious and smooth coordination when they have to work in groups.

The Organizing Committee announces the end of round 1st - Professional knowledge test

At the end of the first round, the Organizing Committee selected 9 best teams to enter the 2nd qualifying round. In the second qualifying round, each team had 5 minutes to show their ability to handle a single career situation on corporate financial management under the topic given by the Organizing Committee. The actual situations have been carefully selected and evaluated by the Advisory Board for teams to both compete and evoke quick thinking about finance, valuation, investment and financial analysis among the students. In order to successfully complete this section, it is required that teams, especially the captain, have skills relating considering different angles of real situations, reading, processing and analyzing information to finally synthesize information and make the best financial decision.

The participating teams chose situations

PhD. Nguyen Thu Ha commented on the answer to the situation of a team

After two dramatic and intense rounds, the best four teams finally entered the CFO 2020 finale officially revealed. The four teams will not only receive professional knowledge support from their instructors, but also receive training, guidance and practical experience sharing from representatives of sponsors for this competition. That is TANO GROUP CO., LTD, BHM restructuring consultancy. Hopefully, after a period of sticking together with the CFO2020, all members of all four teams will have the fullest and most comprehensive view of a CFO and the CFO's importance in every business.

MSc Pham Minh Duc -Secretary of the Inter-branch of the Youth Union of the Corporate Finance Department gave his closing speech CFO 2020 qualifying round

Congratulations to all four teams that have reached the final round of the CFO2020 competition. Let's look forward to an explosive and dramatic finale of the CFO 2020 contest to find the Outstanding Champion of the CFO 2020 contest!

Source: The Board of the Faculty

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