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People's Newspaper reports on the International Workshop at the Academy of Finance "Sustainable economic and business development in globalization condition"
(People) - On September 25, in Hanoi, the Academy of Finance in collaboration with the University of Finance and Marketing held the 3rd international conference, the topic: “Sustainable economic and business development in globalization condition”. The workshop took place in both live and online formats domestically and internationally, with destinations in Hanoi, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Trong Co, Director of AoF, Organizers made a speech to lead the seminar

More than 100 speeches and opinions presented directly at three seminars of more than three hundred scientists, economic experts from domestically and internationally universities, institutes, researchers, regulatory agencies... has multi-dimensional approaches and diversified contents of sustainable economic and business development in the condition of globalization, focusing on two groups of issues: Accounting - auditing, finance, management, international key ... and sustainable business; Socio-economic development, digital economy, knowledge economy, changing growth model ... and sustainable business.

Many comments at the seminar emphasized that sustainable business is an aspect of sustainable development that is understood as development meets current needs, without harming the ability of future generations to respond their needs, on the basis of ensuring stable economic growth, good implementation of social progress and equity; rational exploitation, economical use of natural resources, minimizing negative impacts of economic activities on the environment, protecting and improving the quality of living environment, placing people at the center of the development process, as the subject, key resource and goal of sustainable development ...

Globalization and knowledge economy, the 4th industrial revolution associated with innovation have been, are and will continue to attract and spread impacts on the method and path of development of all countries. The movement of the contemporary world entails a series of changes in political, economic and social structures; global power balance has gradually shifted from unipolar to multipolar; Inequality and ecological challenges, including climate change and epidemics, threaten the socio-economic development of all countries, create many opportunities and also pose new challenges for nations ...

Therefore, sustainable business and development are increasingly becoming a guideline to guide and dominate all development efforts of each country and the whole world today. Moreover, the Covid 19 pandemic is also reshaping and adding a number of new contents and criteria for sustainable development, associated with the requirements of disease control in each country and on a global scale.

In particular, the majority of opinions at the seminar agreed to affirm that Vietnam has grown dramatically over the past three decades, but the transition to a prosperous and modern economy has only just begun. In the context of the changing world, Vietnam's economy is facing great opportunities and challenges.

With the basic goal of becoming a developed middle-income country by 2045, Vietnam should continue efforts to promote its motivations and improve growth quality on the basis of proactive innovation and international integration and learn from world experiences, especially successful East Asian economies with the ranks of high middle-income countries.

Focusing strongly on transforming the growth model from mainly breadth to in depth, giving priority to science and technology dynamics and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation; developing digital economy and transformation in business activities, corporate governance, state management.

Complete synchronously and comprehensively market institutions and strongly develop private, regional links and economies, diversify growth poles, promote green and inclusive growth, and meet requirements and sustainable development goals that have been set, and will be continued to be completed in the up-coming time.

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