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Thứ hai, 27/05/2024 - 9:6

Business Technology and finance 1 (XB năm 2023)

Business, Technology and Finance 1 is one of the modules inAcademy of Finance's advanced programs, which is integrated with the ICAEW CFAB qualification. The module aims to provide students with an understanding of how businesses operate and the role of finance to support businesses to achieve their objectives. On completion of this module, students will be able to identify the general objectives of businesses, the functions and tasks that businesses perform to meet their objectives; specify the nature and characteristics of different types of organizational and business structures; understand the process to make business strategy; have solid knowledge on risk management as well as the importance of financial information. The module also helps students to gain a solid knowledge background to prepare for the coming modules, Business, Technology and Finance 2 in the next semester. Students learning this module not only attend the internal exam organized by Academy of Finance but also have to sit on international exams organized by ICAEW. Therefore, preparing and delivering comprehensive lectures in this module could not be easy for lectures. It requires a huge effort and concentration in the preparation of lectures and study materials. For all the referred reasons, the authors decided to write "module lecture notes for Business, Technology and Finance 1" with the objectives to provide a full syllabus and technical knowledge grids as a basis for lecturers to prepare lecture materials and then deliver comprehensive lectures to students. It then contributes to enhance the teaching quality of lecturers as well as the learning quality of students, makes a premise toward training programs at higher levels and especially meets increasing social demands. Moreover, the research has become more necessary when Academy of Finance's advanced program has been developed rapidly and has attracted more and more students in this program.

The research aims to complete the teaching materials for the module Business, Technology and Finance 1. The module has already been lectured in the advanced program and the overall syllabus was built before starting this module, however, having a detailed module guide for lectures is still an essential requirement to ensure high teaching quality. The full syllabus and detailed knowledge regarding to business objectives, managing business, business structures, business strategy, risk management and financial information can be found within the module lecture guide. This book was written and compiled by PhD. Nguyen Huu Tan in chapter 1, 2, 3 and 6. MSc. Le Hai Anh participated in compiling chapter 4 and 5.

The research focuses on the contents of chosen topics in the module Business, Technology and Finance. The research method is based on the syllabus and essential knowledge, theories provided in the workbook of Business, Technology and Finance issued by ICAEW and other relevant materials, authors have used a variety of techniques from explanation, analysis, synthetic to real examples to deliver the wide knowledge to students in a comprehensive, understandable way.

The module lecture guide will be used as essential material for lectures in Financial Analysis Department in lecturing the module of Business, Technology and Finance 1.

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