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The Establishment and Development of Academy of Finance
The Academy of Finance was established according to the Decision 120/2001/QD-TTG dated August 17th 2001 of the Prime Minister of Vietnam, on the basis of merging three institutions under the Ministry of Finance: Hanoi University of Finance and Accounting, Institute of Finance and Financial Training Center.


I. President

President of the Academy of Finance

Associate Professor Nguyen Trong Co

II. Duties

  • Training undergraduate and graduate students in finance, accounting, business administration, languages and informatics. We are providing four major training options for students (full-time, part-time, second-degree and top-up)
  • Doing research and building management capacity in finance, accounting and business administration sector. Providing financial and accounting expertise for the sector and for the government
  • Providing training and management services
  • Capacity building according to titles, professions, tasks and management techniques in finance and accounting.

III. Logo

The logo of the Academy of Finance

IV. General Information

  • Head quarter: No. 58, Le Van Hien street, Duc Thang ward, Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Contact:

Tel: (84)(243)838-9326                                                                      Fax: (84)(243)838-8906

  • Mission: Providing expertise for scientific research and training activities in finance and accounting
  • Vision: We look forward to meeting Asian international training and research standards and being a well-known think tank of finance and accounting.
  • Core value: Expertise – Prestige – Effectiveness – Professionalism – Advancement
  • Strategic objectives: We target at making AOF a leading institution in Vietnam and in ASEAN

V. A brief history of the Academy of Finance

1. The establishment and development of AOF

The Prime Minister of Vietnam approved the Decision 120/QD-TTG dated August 17th 2001 on merging three institutions under the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam namely: Hanoi University of Finance and Accounting (formerly known as the Central School of Finance, Accounting and Banking which was renamed to Hanoi University of Finance and Accounting in 1976), Institute of Finance (which was established in 1960), and Financial Training Center (established in 1996).

The AOF discharges the functions of undergraduate and graduate training in economics, finance, accounting, business administration, languages and informatics. We are offering options of full-time, part-time, second-degree and top-up courses; conducting regular researches and management capacity building activities in finance, accounting and business administration for the government; delivering training and management services; capacity building and skills developing according to standards.

At present, there have been more than 300 doctors, 5,000 masters, 100,000 bachelors in Vietnam and approximately 500 international students from Laos and Cambodia graduated from AOF. Thousands of them are holding important positions and responsibilities in the Communist Party, government, ministries and subnational authorities.

We have been granted honorable prizes from the Government of Vietnam, the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Government of Laos for significant training and research achievements such as:

  • Ho Chi Minh Medal 2013
  • The First, Second and Third Class Labor Medal
  • The First Class Labor Medal in 2018
  • The First, Second and Third Class Independence Medal
  • The First, Second and Third Class Issara awarded by the Government of Laos.

2. Organization

There are 14 faculties, 12 departments and 05 administration units under the AOF with the total number of staff is 671 (by March 31st 2020), including 446 lecturers, 295 managerial staffs.

Among the total number of staff, there are 02 professors, 53 associate professors, 146 doctors. We also have 04 People’s Teachers and 23 Meritorious Teachers.

3. Development orientation 2020-2025 and vision to 2035

In the process of globalization and the advent of the Industry 4.0, the AOF Management Board sets out following major development directions:

  • Intensively develop training and research performance, maximize the core values to adapt to the emerging demands of the intellectual economy and the Industry 4.0.
  • Diversify training courses, renovate academic management measures, improve the professional capacity, and improve self-study spirit with creativity and experience.
  • Improve the research capacity in the manner that harmonizes fundamental studies with applied studies.
  • Actively and comprehensively integrate into regionalization and globalization process regarding training, capacity building and research activities.
  • Conduct academic management reform in close relation with financial autonomy and social accountability, create a new academic environment with high openness, creativity and internationalism, continuously attract excellent staffs and scholars to work and do research at AOF.
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