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The AOF Golf Tournament 2017: Where the alumni reunited
November 4th, 2017

In contribution to the 55th anniversary of the Academy of Finance and within the framework of the activities for the AOF’s alumni nationwide, the AOF Golf Tournament 2017 officially took place in the morning Nobember 4th, 2017 at Long Bien golf course (Hanoi). In addition to the exchanges between the alumni, demonstrating the spirit of sport and with the biggest prize ever in Vietnam “Hole in one” award: A Bentley for HIO winner at 6A hole and a Range Rover for golfers who win at 5B hole of the Long Bien Golf Course and other value gifts with the total value up to VND 20 billion.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trong Co - AOF President, is also a golf player

Nguyen Hong Vinh, Chairman of the AOF Golf Club, said that this is the first tournament of the AOF Golf Club for the generations of lecturers, alumni and students of AOF. The tournament brought together hundreds of golfers who are officials and lecturers of the Academy of Finance and other ministries. However, given the limited time and venue, the organizers selected 155 golfers to participate in the tournament this year. Golfers have experienced and challenged the PGA standards, designed by Nelson & Haworth Golf Course Architects, one of the world's leading professional golf course design companies and the competition will be delivered in live stream.

"Not just a game, this golf tournament is a meeting place for alumni and students of the Academy of Finance. It is an opportunity to recall the their student lives ever in AOF, looking back on what have happened and to draw valuable lessons. The AOF Golf will be a place to connect golfers who are alumni of AOF to share their professional experiences and seek opportunities for cooperation and promote the development of the alumni career. Through the tournament, the competitors have the opportunity to propose ideas for cooperating with the Academy as well as giving advisory to the students of next generations. On this occasion, the Organization Board sponsors VND 300 million to the Academy for the construction and development of the Academy of Finance", said Nguyen Hong Vinh.

Information about the AOF Golf Tournament 2017, Mr. Nhu Van Hoan - Secretary General of AOF Golf Club also said that the AOF Golf Tournament 2017 is divided into 4 groups including A - B - C and additional group of guests and sponsors. This tournament not only creates a game but also a network of alumni for future cooperation.

Speaking about the tournament, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trong Co – President of the  Academy of Finance noted and appreciated the practical value of the prize organized by the AOF Golf Club. "This golf tournament is a meaningful activity in the hinge year that goes to the 55th anniversary of the Academy of Finance”. This can also be seen as an opening act for the connection of AOF alumni and inspiring a sense of responsibility for generations of students." Dr. Nguyen Trong Co emphasized.

To host the AOF Golf Tournament 2017, it is known that the AOF Golf Club has scheduled activities for the tournament since May 2017. Especially, despite his loads of work with Vinh Quang Group, Mr. Nguyen Hong Vinh - Chairman of AOF Golf Club shared "We hope the tournament will be preserved and become place for generations of students of the Academy of Finance. As soon as the tournament is over, we will make monthly plans for AOF Golf Club and aim to host the 3-region Golf Tournament for alumni of the Academy of Finance in the coming time. For the first time, the golf tournament is held with the participation of four strong golf clubs such as: National Economics University, Hanoi University of Technology, University of Civil Engineering and AOF Golf Club ..."

Ending a day of intense competition, the Best gross has been awarded to golfer Le Tien Toan (K20 alumni of the AOF) who overtook rivals and won the top prize. In addition, there are first, second, third and other technical prizes. Right after the awards ceremony on November 4th 2017, there is a music show with special art items of the club members and students of the Academy of Finance.

Some pictures at the AOF Golf 2017:

Organizing Committee

The tournament also attracted many lady players

The players stayed very focused

Award ceremony

Photo shoots


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