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Board of Management


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trong Co

People's Teacher, Senior Higher Education Lecturer

- AOF’s President is the highest level managerial official, he is in charge of organizational strategic policies and management activities. The President is also responsible for the submission of the annual report to the Minister of Finance.

- President makes the highest-level decisions related to human resources; academic administration; political and social affairs; internal monitoring; emulation and commendation; press and news; academic inspection; training and consultancy.

- Officially in charge of units: President's Administration Office; Human Resources Department; Academic Inspection Department; Journal of Finance and Accounting Research; Training and Consulting Center for Finance and Accounting; Faculty of Corporate Finance; Faculty of Economic Information System.


Vice Presidents


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Thi Thuy

- She gives managerial assistance to the AOF’s President in training programs at all levels.

- Provides guidelines and surveillance to the overall performance of student affairs.

- Directs management and monitoring toward the general performance of units: Training Department; Examination and Quality Control Department; Political and Student Affairs; International Collaboration Department; Faculty of Political Theories; Faculty of Business Administration; Faculty of Taxation and Customs; Faculty of Languages; Language and Information Technology Training Center.




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Manh Thieu 

- The person in charge of Scientific research activities for lecturers and staff; The work of the two institutes. Undergraduate education for a part-time system and other tasks assigned by the Academy's director 

- Directs management and monitoring toward the general performance of units: Science Management Department; Institute of Economics and Finance; Institute of International Finance Education; Faculty of Accounting, Faculty of Banking and Insurance, Faculty of Economic Information System, and Faculty of In-service Training.






Dr. Nguyen Van Binh

- Managerial assistance to the AOF’s President in Financial affairs, infrastructure, basic construction; Information technology; Public Relations and media work of the Academy; Office responsibilities; Post-graduate training; e-learning,  and other tasks assigned by the Academy's director. 

- Directs management and monitoring toward the general performance of units: Finance and Accounting Department, Equipment and Project Management; Library, Information Center; Health Station; Academy Office. Faculty of Postgraduate education, Faculty of Public Finance, Faculty of Economics, and Faculty of International Finance.




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