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Notice: Registering Olympic 2017 – Mathematics
No.: 140/2016-KT&QLCL dated December 26th 2016 Attention: - Faculty Deans, AOF; - Executive students from full-time programs;
  • On basis of Notice No-01/HTH/OLP25 dated July 28th 2016 of Vietnam Association for Mathematics about organizing the 25th Student Olympic Contest – Mathematics 2017 at Phu Yen University – Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen, Vietnam from 10/4/2017-16/4/2017;
  • On basis of approval and authority of AOF’s Board of Management;

Department for Examination and Quality Control and Mathematics Division notice the students to register the event:

  1. Target: Discover, develop students excellent at mathematics, improve effectiveness in lecture delivering and learning of students from universities and colleges in Vietnam;
  2. Content: Include 2 parts of Algebra and Mathematical Analysis (for details see at
  3. Participants: Full-time students at AOF who are excellent and have passion in Mathematics
  4. Responsibility and Benefit: Must obey regulations on time and discipline of AOF and of the contest during preparation course and examination. Selected students will benefit according to regulation of the contest such as: score bonus, score alternation or module exemption and awards corresponding to contest achievements.
  5. Registering: Directly at
  6. Time and Location for preparation course: will be noticed on and via registered emails students.


  1. Potential students are highly recommended to register contest team member.
  2. Contact: Room 305, Department of Examination and Quality Control, AOF
  • Tel: 0438386867 – Ext. 305

Source: Department of Examination and Quality Control -  AOF

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