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Scientific and technological research activities of Academy of Finance in 2019 - 2020: Achievements and orientations.
In the academic year 2019 - 2020, overcoming the difficulties of Covid-19 pandemic, the AoF' scientific research activities were still exciting with great achievements in all aspects. There were 116 subjects at Academy level, 05 international scientific conferences, 100 research works published in prestigious international journals (ISI/Scopus), more than 300 articles of international seminars at domestic and abroad. Students' scientific research also achieved remarkable acomplishments.

Conquering disadvantages of the epidemic COVID-19, accomplishing great results.

Thanks to the close and responsive guidance of the Party Committee and the Board of Director, the Academy's scientific and technological research activities still ensured as plans. In the 2019-2020 school year, 05 textbooks compiled in English have been completed; the AoF successfully organized 05 international conferences.

Scientific seminar with the theme "The resilience of the commodity trading market in the context of Vietnam's extensive international integration and the impact of Covid-19"

Workshop: "Sustainable economic development and business management in the context of globalization" - the 2nd and "Finance - Accounting in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 " held in December 2019; ICYREB 2019 conference was co-organized in Hue. Besides, there were 02 international conferences co-organized by the Faculties. Successfully organized 02 national seminars: "Higher education development in the current context - Reality at the Academy of Finance and the proposed solutions" held in November 2019; Workshop " Covid19- impacts and responses to policies" on June 2020. Coordinating with the Accounting Supervisory Department - Ministry of Finance to organize a workshop on the Draft 05 Public Accounting Standards, which attracted many experts and scientists;

Scientific seminar with the theme "The resilience of the commodity trading market in the context of Vietnam's extensive international integration and the impact of Covid-19". The seminar was organized with the cooperation between the Academy of Finance and the Mercantile Exchange of Vietnam; In addition, the Academy also cooperated with the University of Commerce and leading Universities in the economic sector to organize the International Scientific Conference for young scientists 2020 (ICYREB 2020) and coordinated with the The University of Danang - University of Economics organized the 2020 National Conference on Accounting and Auditing (VCAA-2020) with the theme: "Convergence of national accounting standards with international accounting ones", organized the seminars and talkshows with ACCA and ICAEW for students of the advanced education programs .... The seminars attracted participation of many scientists, organized flexibly (both directly and online) and effectively in the condition of unpredictable Covid 19.

During the period of 2019-2020, the Academy assessed and accepted the research works: 116 subjects of the Academy; 29 scientific topics; 13 new textbooks; 02 republished and corrected textbooks, 11 original lectures, 02 exercise books, 05 monographs, references, 07 review guidebooks. The assessment and acceptance organization were in accordance with regulations on scientific management. In order to promptly meet the needs of training of the Academy's majors and the society; published 31 books, including 15 textbooks, 08 original lectures, 07 guide books for subject review, 05 monographs ...

Especially in the academic year 2019 - 2020, there were nearly 100 works published in prestigious international journals (ISI/Scopus), more than 300 articles of international seminars at domestic and abroad level. If there were only 26 National publications (8 overseas seminars and 18 international articles) with more than 50 faculty members of the Academy in 2019, by 2020 the number of international articles would be 83 with nearly 150 lecturers whose posts and publication levels were increasing in prestigious journals, there were articles in the list of ISI, scopus Q1, Q2…

Internal journals and scientific research management of Students: By the end of June 2020, there have been 12 issues with 242 articles; 12 student scientific seminars; 05 Festivals, 02 Olympics, 02 seminars; 209 scientific research projects for students to take part in the Faculty level exam; 62 works submitted to the Academy level contest. From 16 excellent works at the Academy level, the Board advised the leaders of the Academy to set up an Appraisal Council to select 07 excellent works to be submitted to the ministerial competition (There were 03 works with consolation prizes);

The participants of the AoF in the international conference " Finance - Accounting for promoting Sustainable Development in Private Sector (FASPS)"

In addition, 12 numbers of periodical journal with a number of 230 quality articles, 02 numbers of English magazines in November 2019 and June 2020 with 39 articles. Both two journals were highly appreciated and scored by the GSO Council. Successful implementation of an e-Journal on the website of the Academy ...

Research activities of the Faculties were also taking place strongly in many different forms, in the context of the unpredictable Covid 19 epidemic. Scientific conferences of teachers and students with practical content to serve the teaching and training work with more than 700 articles published in the yearbook. These efforts have contributed to affirm that the Science research team of the Academy of Finance is constantly growing and this has to confirm the Academy's investment interest and support policies. In addition, the Academy of Finance has cooperated with financial institutions, prestigious universities, and organized seminars and workshops to share experiences in international publication; supporting lecturers to participate in training courses on advanced research methods and equipping skills for publishing scientific research in international journals and conferences.

The Academy's scientific and technological research activities in 2019 - 2020 have achieved many encouraging results with many rich content topics and scientific and practical value.

The directions for the next stage

(1) Developing the Academy of Finance to become the leading research center in the country and the region in finance, accounting, economics, business administration ... Promoting the quality in scientific research, with many national and international recognized scientists, a center for policy advice, regimes and strategic directions on finance, accounting in particular and socio-economic in general;

(2) Scientific and technological cooperation with prestigious domestic and foreign organizations and individuals. Pioneering in implementing innovation activities in scientific and technological research; Promote research on sustainable development of digital economy, circular economy, green growth ... Strengthen international publication and establish strong research groups. Combine academic research with applied one;

(3) Become the center of policy advice on finance, accounting for the Government and local. Promote the transfer and commercialization of science and technology products; Promote socialization in research; To mobilize resources of organizations, enterprises and donors for scientific and technological research;

(4) Improving the quality of international and national conferences and seminars organized by the Academy of Finance; Create a good working environment for scientists inside and outside the academy to research and publish scientific products;

(5) Promoting students' scientific research movement, creating endogenous materials for student learning and scientific research; To increase investment in Science and technology research, to attract high-quality human resources for scientific and technological research.

Source: Science Research Management Department

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