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“Festival for internship 2016” – Potential career opportunities
Part in a serie of programs sharing experience in career orientation, career opportunities for students of AOF (AOF CAREERLINK) and connection between businesses and students.

Before practical needs for jobs, the “Festival for internship 2016” is an opportunity for students to exchange, learn and contact with each other and with employers for real opportunities at work. The program is designed with fellowship, discovering, training and developing young talents. The event is also an interesting destination with meaningful activities and has been defined as a key program of Youth Union – AOF 2016-2017.

Festival for internship 2016

This is an annual event organized by Youth Union AOF, this year the event takes place with following agenda:

  1. Organizer: Youth Union AOF
  2. Participants:
  • Bankers, businesses and other stakeholders;
  • AOF students;
  • Federations, unions, associations, communication and press;
  1. Time and schedule: 7h00-17h00, December 29th 2016 (Thursday):
  • 7h00-9h00: employers share their information and details about their organization, career opportunities and perspectives;
  • 9h00-17h00: employers interview or do application preliminary test at their camps at AOF;
  1. Location: Conference Hall 700, AOF (No-1, Le Van Hien, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi)
  2. Employers:
  • VietBank;
  • Vietnam Appraisal and Consulting JSC (VNVC);
  • Tien Phong Bank (TP Bank);
  • Techcombank;
  • CP Vietnam Company Limited;
  • SeABank;
  • Misa JSC;
  • BaoViet Insurance;
  • LienVietPostBank;
  1. Application
  • Download relevant CV for specific employers;
  • Submission and deadline: Applicants may choose one of following methods:
  1. Contacts:
  • Office – Youth Union AOF, Room 205 B5 Domestic Dormitory, AOF
  • Tel: 043.8389109 (Ext. 505)
  • Email:
  1. CV issued by employers are downloaded from links here (employers with unavailable CV mean applicants must prepare their own CV)

Source: Youth Union AOF

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