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Master in Corporate Finance and Management Control - Cohort 9, 2017
Academy of Finance announces new admission plan for Master in Corporate Finance and Management Control, cohort 9-2017. This is a course in cooperation program between AOF and University of Toulon Var (France):
  1. Candidates:bachelor degree, qualified with English level of B2 (according to European Framework) or equivalent. Non-economics bachelors may have to join a “conversion course” before final admission;
  2. Major: M.A in economics majored Corporate Finance and Management Control;
  3. Time of training: 01 year;
  4. Form of training: Concentrated non-working time training at weekends or evening weekdays;
  5. Training language: English
  6. Fees:
  • Study fee: VND140 mil./course
  • Application fee: According to regulations of the partner university;
  1. Degree:
  • Awarded by University of Toulon Var (France) and recognized by the MOET Vietnam according to the Decision No-615/QD-BGDDT;
  • Intake criteria: Qualified English level B2 or equivalent (European Framework);
  • Output Standards: Qualified TOEFL 500 or equivalent;
  1. Number of Candidates: 45 students/course;
  2. Form of Admission: Short-listing and interviewing;
  3. Time of Admission:
  • Admission and Short-listing: 23/1-30/5/2017;
  • Interviewing and Studying: in 6/2017;
  1. Contacts:
  • Room 101B, Academy of Finance, 53E Phan Phu Tien, Dong Da District, Hanoi;
  • Tel: 04) 66843958
  • Hotline: 0969 287823

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