Thursday, June 23, 2016 15:36

Career advice: The bad body language signals to avoid in formal meeting

Have you been in a meeting where someone has spent the whole time with their arms crossed looking out the window? It’s not a good look.

A person’s body language goes a long way to showing a person’s engagement level and can even hurt their reputation.

Here are a few things to look out for in order to keep your reputation

  1. Keep an eye on things: Eye contact is critical in key moments during conversation.
  2. Relax your arms and keep them uncrossed in order to show that you are open to the conversation.
  3. Sit up straight; make sure you don’t slouch which means you don’t sit with you shoulders hanging forward and you head bending. You’d look bored or tired then.
  4. Too much nodding during the conversation can be distracting to other people. Keep it natural.
  5. Hands off the phone and stop the doodling, because the message conveyed is that you have more important things to do than listening to your partner in the conversation. It is kind of rude to them.

Source: ThenakedCEO

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