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Enrollment Announcement - International Undergraduate Program 2016
AOF is proceeding student intake profile for those who apply for the Bachelor of Applied Banking and Insurance, the course is a collaborative program between AOF and the University of Toulon Vars, France - Cohort VII

1. Enrollment conditions: qualified students must meet either of three requirements as follows:

- Students who took part in the national high school examination host by the public universities, and achieved the final results of three required modules that meet or is higher than the standard scores issued by the Vietnam MOET 2016;

- Students graduated from high school and participated in specific undergraduate examination host by the universities according to the regulations of the MOET, and achieved the results that meet or is higher than the standard scores issued by the universities accordingly;

- Students graduated from high school with certified GPA higher than 6.0.

2. Time and training program specifications:  the course will be delivered in 03 years divided into 02 phases, the modules will be delivered by the lecturers from AOF and the University of Toulon Var, France. In addition, the students will benefit nearly 1000 hours of English studies (IELTS standards);

3. Study major: Banking - Insurance

4. Enrollment target: 90 students/cohort

5. Study fee: 49 mil. VND per year (English training fee included)

6. Degree: graduated students will be conferred bachelor degree issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Researching, France. This degree was also recognized by the MOET of Vietnam according to the Decision No. 3219/QD-BGDDT dated August 5th 2010 and Decision No. 1955/QD-BGDDT dated June 12th 2015;

7. Beneficiary: The course is an application-oriented program that includes intensive internship in firms, it is also a time-saving course in comparison with other similar programs, graduated students will have high opportunity to work for firms and organizations of banking, finance and insurance, etc. as well as to continue further studies in local and international universities;

8. Time of profile verification: document reception since July 10th 2016;

9. Enrollment procedure: Students will use their individual codes taken from their national examination results certification to base their registration for this course. Enrollment procedure may be accepted via post or online application at the address:

10. Address to receive registration documents: Room 101B, Academy of Finance, No. 53E - Phan Phu Tien St., Cat Linh Wrd., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi

Tel: 84-466 843 958

Hotline: 84-969 287 823



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