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Young Start-ups Competition 2020: Revealing the top 4 talents entering the final night
The Young Start-ups Competition is the first and only contest about start-up ideas at the Academy of Finance with a scale across Hanoi city. After 3 years of implementation of the program, " Young Start-ups Competition 2020" continues the success of previous years, building a solid foundation and reputation. After 2/3 of the competition, the Organizing Committee has received a lot of attention and support from students inside and outside the Academy, as well as the help of the teachers in the Federation of the Faculty of Corporate Finance and the Youth Union of the Academy of Finance.

Going through the "Identification" round with nearly 25 projects in many different fields, the Organizing Committee has selected the Top 8 excellent projects to step into the second round called "Mining". Here, teams has had the opportunity to participate in a short-term training course with 4 basic financial skills, branding, persuasive negotiation skills, CV writing and interviews so that each team can complete their project well. With the available experience and background, along with the knowledge that teams have learned from training sessions, teams have confidently completed their projects and their introduction videos.

On the evening of October 8, 2020, at FTMS Global Center - Level 2, C'land Building, No. 156 Lane Xa Dan 2, Nam Dong, Dong Da, Hanoi, The semifinal of the 2020 Young Start-ups Competition was officially took place with the participation of 3 judges: Mr. Pham Anh Cuong - Founder & CEO of BestB startup ecosystem, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hieu - Founder & Managing Partner of creative agency Racounteur Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tan - Deputy Secretary Union branch of the Faculty of Corporate Finance with the participation of 8 teams.

Mr. Vu Hoang Minh - Head of Organizing Committee of the Young Start-ups Contest 2020 presents flowers to the jury of the Contest in the semifinal round

In the semifinal, each team has 12 minutes to introduce their team and present their Project.

Centimedia competed for the first time in the 2020 Young Startups Competition semifinal. Understanding consumer desires and video core values, Centimedia provided a holistic idea to the video community- maker and user. Just 3 "click" steps you can easily find a video that suits your needs. Despite being the first team, Centimedia excelled at answering the questions of the Board of Directors, showing their opinion and ideals to develop the project.

Centimedia - The first team competed in the 2020 Young Start-ups Competition semi-final

Considered as a high community project, Youth + members brought their project to try in many startup competitions, along with giving a lot of values to the community and society. Coming to the semifinal of the Young Start-ups Competition 2020, Youth + delivered a presentation with the project "Foundation for self-direction, job connection for young people". The Youth + presentation made an impression on the judges because the project has been quite complete from the marketing plan to financial strategy.

Youth + team members listen to the judges' comments and judgments

The girls from the Snakers team brought this Competition Project: Grab Fate - a video game software with the aim of providing users with basic knowledge and life skills. After 12 minutes of presentation, Snakers confidently completed the overview of the project. Although there were still some shortcomings, but Grab Fate has been a project rated by the jugdes as interesting and attractive.

The Snakers girls with the Grab Fate Scheme showed off their presentations confidently

F-News - The 4th team also made an impression on the judges through the Project: Financial Foundation for Children in Vietnam. F-News launched a website platform through interesting stories and creative videos, making the arid financial knowledge easier to understand and closer. As can be seen, F-News has invested a lot of time and effort in surveying the market to come up with specific data, making the project clearer and more complete.

The F-News team discussed to answer the judges' questions

Learning from previous teams, Codon team delivered a very attractive and professional presentation. Codon brought the Contest of Music Translation Connection Project, creating a solid premise and stepping stone for music passion to reach further. With the spirit, enthusiasm and aspirations of successful startups of the 10X generation, the Organizing Committee believes that the Codon scheme will be further developed and completed.

Codon successfully completed its presentation with the Music Translation Connection Project, helping to spread the music passion.

With the project related to human health, the VHC team has brought the Young Startups 2020 an advisory service to analyze information entered by users and provide useful information and recommendations for users, thereby helping the patient to raise awareness, adjusting their lifestyle and diet. At the end of the presentation, VHC has received many comments from judges.

Representative of VHC brought to this year's Contest the Diabetes and Hypertension Prevention Project (DHPP)

Amire - A representative from the Academy of Finance. Amire has brought a product that is very close and simple to consumers - "A fresh sim tea enhances health". With an interesting and fun presentation, Amire highlighted the benefits of its products and received high praise from the Jury for the feasibility of the project. The winged compliments will definitely become the motivation for Amire's members to be more confident in the upcoming race.

3 thành viên của đội Amire đã tích lũy được rất nhiều kinh nghiệm sau khi lắng nghe những nhận xét, góp ý từ Ban giám khảo

The project "High-tech agriculture - forestry - fishery ecosystem" is a start-up idea of Smart Life group, with the desire that everyone can have a better life and reduce the labor force of the employees in agriculture - forestry - fishery. This system will bring technology and machines to automatically replace human power and produce the best, cleanest, most quintessential products - say no to preservatives, toxic chemicals to consumers. The pressure of the final team kept the Smart Life team from performing at their best. However, this project also received high appreciation from the jury.

Smart Life team gave a presentation on the project "High-tech agriculture - forestry - fishery ecosystem"

After the introduction presentations with full of dramatic and thrilling, the teams showed their talents, bravery and enthusiasm to convince the judges. Finally, the top 4 best-performing teams of the 2020 Young Start-ups Competition were officially revealed, including: Amire - A fresh sim tea enhances health; Centimedia - Platform connecting the video-marker community and users; Youth + - A platform for self-orientation and employment connections for young people; Codon - Coda and the mission of connecting music services: A solid stepping stone to the passion for music to reach further.

4 teams, 4 projects, 4 different colors, how will they compete at the final night of the Young Start-ups Competition 2020? What will they do to convince the jury, conquer investors to win the champion? Let's wait for the performance of the top 4 at the final night of the Young Start-ups Competition 2020 that takes place at 17:15 on October 12, 2020 at the Hall of 700 Academy of Finance.

Some pictures at the semifinal:

Source: Hoang Minh - AOF Business Skills Club


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