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Final of Young Startup Competition 2020 - Turning business ideas into reality
The Young Startup Competition is the first and only contest on start-up ideas at the Academy of Finance with a scale across Hanoi city. This is a contest for young people all over Hanoi, aged 18 to 30, organized by BSC - Business Skills Club of Academy of Finance. After 3 years of implementation of the program, " Young Startup Competition 2020" is striving to continue writing the successes of the last 3 seasons, building a solid foundation and reputation. Closing the final night of the competition, the organizers have received a lot of attention and support from the students, organizations inside and outside the Academy.


The 4th "Young Startup Competition 2020" at the Academy of Finance

On October 12, 2020, the Final of the Young Startup Competition 2020 officially opened at the hall of 700 Academy of Finance. Attending the final night, on the guests' side, there were representatives of businesses, sponsors, professional sponsors, media sponsors, image sponsors, companion units. Especially in this 4th year, the Young Start-up Competition 2020 was held under the professional sponsorship of the Center for Innovation and Start-up Support, Academy of Finance (ASIC). On the side of the University, there were Associate Professor., Truong Thi Thuy - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Academy of Finance; PhD., Luu Huu Duc - Head of Student and Political Affairs Department, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Director of the Center for Innovation and Start-up Support of Academy of Finance; Master Ta Dinh Hoa - Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of the Academy of Finance; Master Pham Minh Duc - Secretary of the Federation Union, Faculty of Corporate Finance and a large number of students.

On the side of the jury board, there were 5 members: PhD. Mac Quoc Anh - Vice President and General Secretary of Hanoi Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Member of the Coordination Committee for Entrepreneurship Support in Hanoi; Assoc., PhD., Dao Thi Minh Thanh - Dean of Business Administration, AoF; Mr. Pham Anh Cuong - President and CEO of BestB Group Enterprise Ecosystem; Mr. Nguyen Duc Hieu - Founder & Managing Patner of Creative agency Racouter Vietnam.

Assoc., Prof.. PhD., Truong Thi Thuy and PhD. Luu Huu Duc gave flowers and gifts to the jury of the contest

With nearly 100 candidates and nearly 25 projects from many universities in Hanoi, the contest took place including 3 stages, each with different challenges from the program organizers and the jury. Experiencing the first 2 stages with a short course and intense competition in the semifinals, the final night of the Young Startup Contest 2020 has witnessed the dramatic, fiery, fierce and impressive struggle of 4 Outstanding projects include: Amire - Cool aromatic sim tea for health improvement; Centimedia - A platform that fully connects the video-maker community and users; Youth + - A platform for self-orientation and employment connections for young people; Codon - Coda and music service commitment mission.

Round 1 - Warm up

In the first round of the Finals, teams once again had the opportunity to introduce the product and project and to raise virtual capital with investors. Each team has 6 minutes to present, highlight the strengths of the project, the teams continue to have more 7 minutes to use their ingenuity to make the investors "pour capital" into their projects.

The end of the first round, the following teams received the following points: Centimedia led with 320 points; Amire: 309 points; Youth +: 300 points; Codon: 292 points.

Members of Centimedia gave presentations on the project “A platform that fully connects the video-maker community and users”.

Round 2 - Accelerate

Each team chose 1 of 4 situations given by the Organizers. The task of each team was to handle a different situation, persuade the jury to move on to the final round. Teams needed to think logically to handle the situation in the best way. In this test, the Board could assess the small skills of young start-ups.

At the end of the second round, Centimedia continued to lead with points: 320 points; followed by Codon: 300 points; Youth +: 285 points and finally Amire: 283 points.

Round 3 - Finish

Each team took place and answered questions given by the remaining 3 teams, based on the arguments of the exam questions, the project score, the results of round 1, round 2 to select the winner. In this round, Codon and Centimedia are considered to be two heavyweights because of their sharp questions and decisive answers.

Centimdia members focused on handling the Financial Crisis from the contract

After 3 rounds of competition, with the intelligence and agility, taking the initiative right from the start of the race, the Champion officially named the team Centimedia with a score of 980 points, runner-up to Codon with the number of 936 points and the third match belonged to Youth + team: 935 points and Amire: 913 points.

The 4 best teams competed together in the final round of the 2020 Young Startup Competition

Winner of the Young Startup Contest 2020 named Centimedia with the project “The comprehensive platform connecting the video-maker community and users” to receive trophies and rewards

The runner-up of the contest belonged to Codon - Coda and the mission of connecting music services

2 third prizes belonged to Amire - Cool Sim tea for health promotion and Youth + - The foundation for self-direction and job connection for young people

Closing season 4th, projects with practical application ideas, talented people have brought a successful and unforgettable young startup season. The Vietnamese young generation is becoming more breakthrough, more confident, promising a brighter future. Young Startup Competition is very pleased to accompany young people on the way to conquer that peak.

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