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Accounting Festival - The hallmark of 2019 and the prelude to the 2020 journey
The Festival of Accounting – “You are the future chief accountant” is organized to seek accounting talents and improve the accounting and auditing professional capacity as well as soft skills for students. The successful end of Festival 2019 has left a strong impression with the promise of a booming season of Fes in 2020.

Impression of the Accounting Faculty Festival - You are the future Chief Accountant in 2019

Festival of Accounting Faculty, through the combination of exchanging activities with science in various and attractive forms, creates a playground, a learning environment and useful scientific research for students. Since then, strengthening the solidarity in training between the Faculty of Accounting - Academy of Finance with professional organizations, independent auditing companies, and accounting software companies. At the same time, it also helps students understand more about careers, and have more opportunities to study and work at these organizations.

The Accounting Festival 2019 took place successfully and received many good feelings

Festival 2019 received the participation of hundreds of students from the Faculties: Accounting, Tax - Customs, Corporate Finance, Public Accounting ...

The final round took place with 4 best teams. The teams have undergone 4 competitions: Information collection, Information processing, Information analysis, Information provision.

The four contestants had a dramatic and exciting competition


The contest has added some innovations in the exam structure and gameplay style. In particular, to mention the online exam on the computer are 25 questions around knowledge in the field of Finance - Accounting, including knowledge of society. The speaking contest also left a great impression on the bravery of the teams.

In addition to the stressful minutes of the knowledge playground, the organizers also prepared a special gift for the participating teams as well as the audience. It was the appearance of Prince Ballad - Jaykii with a fascinating performance.

Prince Ballad - Jaykii delivered a great melody to the end of the competition

In the Academy, the sponsors: KT Hanoi Group, SAPP, DDP, KLE, I-Global, FATC, CPA Australia, Toco Toco, Moc Uniform, MIT media, Hoa Lan Co.,... and the teachers Faculty of Accounting, students of the Federation of Accounting Faculty.

After 2 months of organizing and launching, the Accounting Festival 2019 has reached the final stage and the final result has called the Triple Kills team. The second prize belonged to Team Pink Panther and the third place was End Game and Thanos.

With confidence, bravery, intelligence, the Triple Kills team played the first prize easily in the final night

Over the years of organizing, the Accounting Festival has become more mature and left many marks each year, surely the 2019 Festival has brought new, more complete and meaningful levels of emotions.

The return of the Accounting Faculty Festival - You are the future Chief Accountant 2020

This October we all welcome the explosion of the 19th Festival of the Accounting Faculty Festival. With the motto of confidently step forward, unceasing creativity, and prolonging success, The Contest “You are the future Chief Accountant 2020” promises to bring you surprises that cannot be missed.

From the breakthrough innovation in the form of competition as well as the extremely attractive gifts to the presence and companionship of the "great figures" will surely bring you an impressive experience. .

Festival of Accounting - You are the future Chief Accountant of 2020 with the interesting unknowns waiting for us to slowly open up. Do not forget to register for the program as well as accompany the program to make a successful Fes season together.

Link to register for the Accounting Festival 2020:

Festival of Accounting - You are the future Chief Accountant 2020, see you at the playground of wisdom, accounting skills.

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