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International Workshop: “Finance - Accounting for the Sustainable Development in Private Sector” (FASPS)
(HVTC) - On December 10, the Academy of Finance and the University of Finance and Marketing co-organized an international seminar "Finance - Accounting for the Sustainable Development in Private Sector ". The Workshop conducted online connection to these points: Academy of Finance (Hanoi); University of Finance - Marketing (Ho Chi Minh City); University of Finance and Business Administration (Hung Yen); University of Finance and Accounting (Quang Ngai) and 2 points in Australia with the participation of hundreds of domestic and foreign scientists and managers.

At the opening session, PhD. Hoang Duc Long, Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the University of Finance - Marketing emphasized the purpose and meaning of the seminar " Finance - Accounting for the Sustainable Development in Private Sector " to analyze and evaluate financial and accounting policies and solutions to promote rapidly and sustainably private economic development to achieve the goal until 2045 - the 100th anniversary of the founding of the country, Vietnam is ranked in the group of countries with high revenue.

PhD. Hoang Duc Long spoke at the opening remarks

The workshop focused on discussion, analysis and clarification on the following issues:

1- Accounting - financial policies for private economic development. Human resources, legal environment to promote private sector;

2. Economic management, public financial reform, administrative reform for private economic development; conditions, solutions, private economic development orientation, factors affecting private economic development….

3. The current status, role and contribution of the private sector to Vietnam's economic growth; Private economy in the context of integration and revolution 4.0, joining Free Trade Agreements ...

4- The role of the State and other topics related to promoting private economic development.

5- Proposing building and completing legal framework to create favorable and equal conditions for private sector development.

6- Analyze and propose policies to encourage and support the private sector to innovate and modernize technology. What the State needs to do to increase the encouragement and support of private sector to invest in research and development activities; transfer of advanced technology.

In the plenary session, the University of Finance - Marketing by PhD. Hoang Duc Long - UFM Rector and Assoc., Prof., PhD. Ho Thuy Tien - Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking  (UFM) co-chaired. The side of the Academy of Finance was led by Assoc., PhD. Truong Thi Thuy - Deputy Director of AoF and Assoc., Prof., PhD. Ly Phuong Duyen - Deputy Director of the AoF Center for Innovation and Startup Supporting.

Assoc., PhD. Truong Thi Thuy - Deputy Director of AoF and Assoc., Prof., PhD. Ly Phuong Duyen - Deputy Director of the AoF Center for Innovation and Startup Supporting from AoF co-chaired

Keynote Speaker Professor Jacqueline Birt, President of the Association of Finance and Accountants Australia and New Zealand, dean of the Department of Finance and Accounting, University of Western Australia, reported on the future skills of the Accounting and Auditing profession.

The delegates listened to Keynote Speaker Professor Jacqueline Birt's Report from Australia

The first session, topic: Finance - Accounting promotes a rapid and sustainable development of the private sector with the chairperson of the University of Finance and Marketing, Prof., PhD. Nguyen Thi Canh (Professional Advisor of Center for Economic and Financial Studies, HCM University of Economy - Law); PhD. Nguyen Van Hien - UFM Vice Rector and the Academy of Finance with the chairman Assoc., PhD. Pham Thi Thanh Hoa - GVCC.

MSc. Ha Tuan Vinh, Academy of Finance gave the presentation


The presentations were presented in the first session, including: Working capital management impacts corporate performance: empirical evidence in vietnam (group of authors:  Dr. Ngo Nhat Phuong Diem, MSc. Thai Tran Van Hanh, MSc. Le Van Tuan); Accounting and Auditing Profession in the Context of Industrial Revolution 4.0: The Emerging Trends and Implications for Future Accountants and Auditors of the authors MSc. Bui Tuan Minh, MSc. Ha Tuan Vinh, PhD. Tran Vinh Quang, Deloitte Vietnam, Academy of Finance, Institute of Financial Training; Individual economy – economic growth dynamics of Viet nam by the authors: PhD. Le Thi Thuy Hang, PhD. Phan Thi Hang Nga, MSc. Nguyen Xuan Dung from University of Finance – Marketing; Determinants of firm growth: empirical evidence from vietnamese listed companies of the authors: Assoc. Pham Thi Thanh Hoa, PhD. Dam Thanh Tu, PhD. Bui Thi Ha Linh, PhD. Nguyen Thi Bao Hien, Academy of Finance, Institute of Policy and Development.

Followed by Keynote Speaker: Assoc., Prof., Vidyasagar Potdar, Director of the Blockchain R&D Lab, Curtin University, Australia.

On the 3rd session, Mr. Truong Anh Tuan, Director of Vietcombank, Ky Dong Branch presented the speech "Credit to the private economy".

The presentations presented at the seminar have attracted many sharp comments from scientists, managers ...

PhD. Bui Thi Ha Linh and MSc. Ha Tuan Vinh of the Academy of Finance Representing two groups of authors who received the Best Paper award at the top of Hanoi by Assoc., PhD. Truong Thi Thuy - Deputy Director of the Academy and Assoc., PhD. Pham Thi Thanh Hoa

05 presentations presented at the Workshop are valuable papers in science, summarizing practice. The review of financial accounting tools in business management in general and private sector in particular. There are many scientific orientations to build the content of the training program in the direction of creative flexibility, to meet the requirements of the new period. These presentations were awarded the Best Paper Award by the Organizing Committee - excellent papers and honored at the seminar.

The workshop received more than 160 articles sent by scholars and scientists from both national and international countries and the Organizing Committee selected and edited 140 articles to be published in the Workshop Proceedings. The articles have focused on analyzing, evaluating, making quite complete and comprehensive comments on the current state of economic, financial, governance, human resources, accounting and auditing ... with sustainable private sector development. . The seminar has attracted the participation of scientists of Universities, Institutes, Researchers ... and policy-making researchers of State management agencies, experts. Leading economies come from interested domestic and international organizations. The research papers all contain scientific content and profound practicality, show diversity, have a multi-dimensional view in approaching the contents of fast and sustainable private economic development.

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