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10 highlight events of Academy of Finance in 2020.
Academy of Finance summarizes 10 outstanding events in 2020:

1. The 6th Congress of the Party Committee of the Academy of Finance, the term 2015-2020 was extremely successful

The congress raised the spirit of "Solidarity, wisdom, initiative, innovation and development", summarized and evaluated the Party's work of Academy of Finance in term of 2015-2020. The Congress also set out the Party's work objectives and directions of the Party Committee of Academy of Finance in  2020-2025 term to make the Academy of Finance become a top institution for Finance - Accounting training and scientific research in the country and in the region, at the same time well fulfill the mission of "Providing high quality financial and accounting training and scientific research products for the society". The Congress elected the Sixth Party Committee of the Finance Academy, term 2020-2025 with 15 comrades and elected 36 delegates to attend the XXV Party Congress of the Ministry of Finance.

2. The Academy of Finance responded proactively, promptly and effectively to unusual developments caused by the Covid 19 pandemic

Following the direction of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education and Training to prevent and respond to the disease caused by corona virus (Covid-19), as soon as the epidemic occured and spreaded with complicated directions, Academy of Finance has organized online teaching and learning since the first day of the term, February 10, 2020, for more than 400 classes with nearly 17,000 students. At the same time, being positively prepared, ready for situations that students could not attend focused schools.

On that basis, the Academy has ensured both prevention and control, while ensuring the curriculum and progress of teaching and learning, while maintaining high quality in learning; help learners have a more effective experience in applying technology in learning and research. All aspects of the Academy's activities have been maintained stably; The health of the Academy's staff, lecturers, students is absolutely guaranteed.

3. Admission to the 58th full-time cohort successfully with high quality entry

Enrollment of 2020 for the 58th Cohort was successful, outperforming both the quantity and the quality of admission, the enrollment scale of high-quality training Unit has been expanded; The lowest score entrance for admission of the Academy in 2020 according to the high school graduation exam results was 24.7, the highest among economic universities. Once again affirming the Academy's position in the university block, worthy as a top training and scientific research institution in Economics, Finance - Accounting, and the leading prestige in the country and area.

4. 98.23% of AoF students have got suitable jobs after one year of graduation

In 2020, the students of Academy of Finance will continue to be highly appreciated by the society, agencies and enterprises for their professional expertise and training quality. The results of the employment survey of 4,098 full-time graduates in 2019 has shown that 98.23% of university graduates have got jobs within 12 months after graduation. In particular, for CQ54’s students who graduated in the 6/2020 period, the Academy immediately surveyed the employment situation and over 88% of CQ54's students have jobs within 3 months after graduation. The economy has been severely affected by the epidemic situation. These are very positive figures reflecting the quality of the Academy's training and the adaptability of its graduates, especially in the context of the labor market being heavily influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

5. Academy of Finance is highly appreciated by domestic and foreign scientists for successfully organizing international and national scientific conferences in the online mode.

In the complicated situation of the epidemic disease caused by Covid-19 in the world as well as in the country, at the same time, strongly promoting the application of advanced technology in teaching, learning and research, The AoF and other units have effectively combined direct and online working methods, bringing great successes when organizing 02 national conferences and 02 international seminars in collaboration with the University of Finance - Marketing; With the participation of many prestigious scholars from the US, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Laos and universities, institutes, researchers, institutions, organizations and individuals in the country, ... has been highly appreciated for its organization, creating a wide spread and attracting the participation of many scientists inside and outside the Academy. In addition, Academy of Finance has presided over the completion of 02 State-level scientific research tasks, dozens of ministerial and provincial-level scientific research tasks; Nearly 200 Academy-level scientific research tasks. The Academy has organized many online scientific seminars, such as: “Science, technology and innovation, creating the future - Improving the efficiency and quality of scientific research activities associated with training at the Academy of Finance ”; A series of seminars to share career opportunities and orientations for students of majors and faculties of the Academy.

6. Academy of Finance won the first prize - The first contest of excellent lecturers nationwide, 2020

The Academy outstandingly won the first prize - the groups do not train teachers. After the team was formed, the members came together to formulate the implementation idea. The contest showed the continuation of the national cultural quintessence and modern breath, aiming to praise "special" teachers, in the frontier areas, on islands with hardships, silent sacrifice. Not only gifted, but participating in the team must be experienced lecturers, capable of adapting quickly. In a short time, the members actively practiced, built the script by themselves, learned from the longtime lecturers inside and outside the Academy as well as researched and studied to handle situations. The contest has shown pedagogical ability, talent and solidarity, passion for the profession, our Academy team excellently won the first prize of the whole groups (the block does not train teachers) together with Hung Vuong University and Vinh University. The first prize for teacher training division belonged to Tan Trao University, Hanoi University of Education 2, Hanoi Pedagogical University.

7. Series of volunteer activities to join hands for the community

The Youth Union in collaboration with AoF Alumni community have implemented the program "Together repelling nCoV" to give free gifts to disadvantaged families in Bac Tu Liem District; giving gifts to 100 policy households in Lien Mac ward, Bac Tu Liem district and 100 households in Lang Cong commune, Song Lo district, Vinh Phuc. With the total value of the two programs of more than 500 million VND, they were transferred to each household with difficult circumstances, severely affected by the Covid 19 epidemic.

In addition, MSM - The Board of JSCs and Students cooperated with the Community of AoF Alumni to organize the scholarship and gift giving ceremony for students with difficult circumstances affected by the Covid 19 epidemic who rose in study and practice; 102 scholarships and gifts worth nearly 300 million VND were handed to students. Trade Union - Youth Union simultaneously called on officials - workers - students to donate to local people of the Middle affected by floods in 2020, the total amount was called 389 million VND.

8. New electronic generation library officially put into operation

Continuing the investment projects to improve the technical facilities of the Academy, during the year, AoF has completed the project of new generation of electronic library with many outstanding features, aiming at serving the needs of lecturers, students, and multi-modal readers perform, updating the fastest documents and materials systems in high security conditions.

9. Two scientific journals of Academy of Finance were raised points by the State Council for Professor Title

Two Vietnamese and English Finance- Accounting Research journals of the Academy approved by the State Council for Professors to raise scores for the evaluation of scientific articles with increasingly high quality publications; were approved by the State Council for Professors on the list of Scientific journals that were upgraded from 0.5 to 0.75. In 2020, the Finance and Accounting Research Journal participated in the contest “National journalism on the Finance” and received the Consolation prize.

10. Two hundred officials and employees have been trained to improve political theory qualifications and fostered knowledge of leadership and management

Training political theory level according to the regulations of the Party, State and Academy; staff training according to State standards and standards of leadership and management titles; fostering and improving professional knowledge for officials and lecturers continues to be interested and implemented by the Party Committee, Board of Directors of the Academy and other units.

In the 2019-2020 school year, the Academy has 10 officials and employees attending the Advanced Political Theory class; The Academy has completed and closed 01 political theory Intermediate training class with more than 70 students; has deployed and prepared the graduation exam for the 2nd class of political theory training with nearly 60 students, 01 class of leadership training at Department level has been opened with 50 students. Dozens of refresher courses, update professional knowledge and skills, organized according to the needs of the units.

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